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Beyond the transplant.

Freedom from immuno-suppression

Our mission is to enable organ transplant recipients and patients suffering from severe auto-immune or immune-mediated diseases to live healthy lives free from chronic immunosuppression.

The lead indication for our investigational cell therapy, FCR001, is to enable living donor kidney transplant recipients to discontinue all chronic immunosuppression therapy by twelve months after their transplant.

In a Phase 2 study of FCR001 that enrolled 37 living donor kidney transplant patients between 2009 and 2016, 70% of the patients who received our FCR001 therapy were able to stop taking all immunosuppressive drugs approximately one year after receiving their transplant. To date, every transplant recipient in our trial who was removed from immunosuppression has remained off all immunosuppression, with no signs of rejection, and with favorable ranges of kidney function. We have followed these patients for between two to nine years after their transplant. We have launched a Phase 3 trial of FCR001 in living donor kidney transplant patients. Visit to learn more.

Lifelong immunosuppression after transplants causes decline in kidney function as well as harm to other organs over time. Learn more

A one-time, investigational cell therapy allowed a high percentage of living donor kidney transplant recipients in our Phase 2 trial to be weaned off immunosuppression within 12 months. Learn more.

Mobilized blood, stem and immune cells from the kidney donor are processed to reduce cells that can attack the transplant recipient’s immune system. Learn More.

Phase 3 trial information

Talaris has launched a multi-center, Phase 3 clinical trial of FCR001 in living donor kidney transplant patients, to assess the efficacy and safety of FCR001 in weaning patients off all chronic immunosuppression by twelve months post-transplant.

Clinical trial details are available at: 

To learn more about the study and determine if you are eligible to participate, click here.


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