Team & Core Values

Meet Our Team

Talaris is a mission-driven company working to harness the power of immune tolerance to improve people’s lives. And our most important asset in that work is our people.

Explore below to learn more about the innovative and passionate individuals that make up our unique team, and the shared values that guide our work together.

Our Values

We set high standards for ourselves, and we work hard to achieve them with a collaborative culture where every member plays a role.



  • We promote our team’s expertise and embrace their diverse viewpoints by listening and acting on feedback.
  • Our team members build trust and credibility by acting with the highest level of excellence and integrity.
  • We unite to set and deliver on clear and measurable objectives and take responsibility for the outcomes.


  • People are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We seek to understand patients’ experiences and their urgency to find better treatment options.
  • We are committed to fostering a caring environment where our team is proud of what the company stands for.


  • We are passionate about improving lives through our therapies, education, and outreach efforts.
  • We are motivated to drive positive outcomes through teamwork and dedication.
  • We celebrate our successes and achievements as a team because we know we are better together.


  • We aim to disrupt and transform standards of care with our novel cell therapies.
  • We persevere and stay resilient to realize the potential of our science.
  • We have the courage to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to forge new pathways.