Geoff MacKay Talaris Board

Geoff MacKay

Geoff MacKay is President and CEO of AVROBIO, Inc, a clinical stage gene therapy company focused in rare disease.  Geoff was founding CEO of eGenesis Inc., which applies CRISPR-Cas 9 gene editing to the field of xenotransplantation. Mr. MacKay spent 11 years as President and Chief Executive Officer at Organogenesis Inc., building the company into the leading cell-based therapy company in the world as measured by FDA approvals, patients treated and revenue. Mr. MacKay held numerous leadership positions within Novartis AG, such as Vice-President and Business Unit Head, Transplantation and Immunology at Novartis Canada, Vice-President, Tissue-Engineering in Novartis USA, Head of Global Sales Immunology and Transplantation based in Basel, Switzerland, and Sales and Marketing Manager of Novartis Biotech Europe. Mr. MacKay has served as Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), a Washington DC-based multi-stakeholder advocacy group whose mission is to advance the field of regenerative medicine.  Mr. MacKay also served as Chairman of the Board of MassBio as well as multiple biotech company directorships. Additionally, he was an Advisory Council member for the Health Policy Commission (HPC) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a state agency focused on health policy reform to reduce overall cost growth while improving patient outcomes. Through his public and private enterprise work, Mr. MacKay is dedicated to applying innovation to reshape and improve the quality of healthcare.